2016 Executive Summary Report

Please be aware that, beginning with 2005, we no longer publish the Partnership Re-Sale Discount Study as a stand-alone report as we did in the past in the May/June issue of the Direct Investments Spectrum newsletter. This year's survey is available, however, in the form of a 28-page Executive Summary Report provided with the Minority Interest Discount Database package. This complete package includes the following:

2016 Executive Summary Report on Partnership Re-Sale Discounts. This 28-page report provides a detailed analysis of the current state of price-to-value discounts based on the prices at which minority interests in real estate partnerships traded in the secondary market in the first half of 2016, together with a historical look at discounts. This summary reports price-to-value discounts for each partnership included in the survey as well as average price-to-value discounts for the entire group of partnerships and based upon five categories including: (i) Equity - Distributing (low to no debt); (ii) Equity - Distributing (moderate to high debt); (iii) Equity - Non-Distributing; (iv) Undeveloped Land; and (v) Triple-Net-Lease.

2016 Detailed Partnership Data. Contains detailed reports on all of the programs featured in the 2016 Executive Summary Report on Partnership Re-Sale Discounts. Information for each program includes specific property holdings, cash distribution history, debt levels, key operating statistics and much more. Property types include virtually all categories of income-producing real estate.

2016 PartnerDisc. This CD-ROM disc includes the most recent annual and quarterly report for virtually every publicly-registered, non-publicly-traded limited partnership and REIT operating today.

2016 Partnership Profiles Minority Interest Discount Database. This interactive database, which is accessible via the Partnership Profiles website for a period of one year from time of purchase, provides access to valuable market data compiled from 1994 to 2016 in connection with Partnership Profiles' annual Partnership Re-Sale Discount Surveys. Includes an interface enabling appraisers to quickly access market data on more than 400 real estate partnerships. Select the attributes that are most comparable to the FLP or other minority interest you are valuing and the database will locate and display those partnerships that match your criteria. If you need comparables for valuations, here's your source!

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